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RC Beverage Company of Evansville, your local bottler, has been part of the Evansville community for over 50 years, bringing with us innovation in the soft drink market, prosperity to our city, and the great taste of RC to our region.

In the mid 1950’s, RC Beverage’s chairman, Leo King, joined the bottling company as manager of its facility in Henderson, KY, bottling and distributing 80,000 cases per year at a mere 80 cents per case. In 1958, he became manager of the Evansville bottling location. Through hard work and perseverance Mr. King continued to gain ownership of the bottler, finally becoming sole owner in 1972.

RC Beverages is proud to have participated in bringing many new and exciting soft drink innovations to the Tri-state. We helped introduce the first 16 oz bottle in 1958 and the first diet soft drink in 1962. RC Beverages also participated in launching the first soft drink in aluminum cans in 1964 and the first caffeine-free diet soft drink in 1984.

Today, RC Beverages of Evansville stands strong as the area’s only remaining local bottler, employing a workforce of over 300. Annually, RC Beverages produces and distributes over 170 million cans and bottles, distributing to 2 million people across 5 states and 86 counties. We have recently completed a new 30,000 square foot addition to our Evansville plant. We now encompass over three acres of buildings for production facilities, warehousing, sales, and administrative offices.

While Royal Crown Cola remains our company’s flagship, RC Beverages prides itself in truly providing a taste for everyone. We produce 48 well-known brands including Royal Crown, 7-UP, Sunkist, A&W, Ski, Big Red, and Country Time Lemonade. Our distribution portfolio boasts 270 different beverage products including Snapple, Red Bull, Sierra Mist, Yoo Hoo, Fiji Water, Body Armor, and many, many more.

With determination, drive, and our continued relationships with our local leaders and companies, RC Beverages of Evansville hope to continue providing a taste for everyone for many years to come.